Interview with David Tsonos

Thank you David for taking the time to answer a few questions. We are very happy to have on Tuesday March 20th as our headliner for our first English Stand-up comedy night at Duplex.

I’ll start with the obvious. We know that you‘ve performed before in Prague at the PRAHAha International Comedy Festival almost 2 years ago. Are you excited to be back?

I really Enjoy the City of Prague it has an old beautiful style to it, yet still has a modern day attitude. It is one of the few cities that never makes me feel like an outsider.

Do you still remember how it all began for you and when have you realized that you might just start getting paid for telling jokes on a stage?

For me finally making my living from stand-up was a slow gradual journey. I did not just wake up one day and quit my job. First I would take a few weeks off from my work to tour and then as I got more and more work in Stand-up I was working my day job in between Stand-up gigs. Then came the day that I was full time and it felt good.

Where do you take your inspiration from and how hard is it to „keep it funny“?

To keep things fresh you have to keep watching Stand-up, keep seeing what everyone else is doing, it is important to be a fan of stand-up as well as one yourself.

How long do you think it takes to become and call yourself a professional comedian?

To make it Pro, it is different for everyone and different in every country. I still believe it takes 10 years in Canada but in the UK maybe 6 years.

What does it take to be entertaining?

It only takes one word to be entertaining, Interesting.

What comforts you on a stage, do you still get nervous?

I do not get nervous anymore, when I first started I would need 2 drinks before I hit the stage to calm the nerves, but not anymore.

If I say „bad sense of humour“ what comes to your mind?

A Bad sense of Humour is simply someone who never laughs.

You now live in London, did you have to adapt your style for english audience?

Not to much I always had a universal style all I had to do was change a few words. Example a Truck is a Lorry.

What are you working on now ?

Right now I am getting ready to go to the Edinburgh Fringe it really is a fantastic festival that lasts all of August. I am writing my new one hour solo show. I am recording a radio play which I wrote and I am also trying to get the BBC to make my Sit-com so fingers crossed on all of that.

Thank you for your time and see you very soon.