Our Interview with Polish DJ and Producer Blinders

This Saturday 24th March the Polish DJ and producer Blinders will perform at the Duplex club in Prague. He has recently released a remix of Martin Garrix and David Guetta hit „So Far Away“. He will show up at the resident event of popular duo Angry Beats – Sakura night! DJ Tokátko prepared for you a short interview with Blinders before his Saturday performance!

Hello mr. Blinders! First of all I want to say that we are very happy that you will play at Prague Club Duplex. You already play this year at Czech republic at Club Varna at Olomouc. What feelings do you have from the Czech party people? And how did you enjoy the party?

Actually it was quite recently. The vibe was definitely great here! I hope to see the same in Prague J

Prague Club Duplex is one of the best rooftop clubs in Europe but there is also a lots of another clubs around the world. Should you tell us some of the most interesting places and also some of the most strange places where did you play during your DJ career?

I really loved playing at ageHa in Tokyo – crazy crowd! I’m also a huge fan of beach side places like Cavo Paradiso or Papaya. It’s hard to count strange places here – every place where I play usually has something cool inside.

Polish music scene is for Czech partypeople big unknown. Should you tell us few sentences about music scene in your country. Like biggest music festival, best club or your favourite DJs from your country?

If we talk about „Main-stage EDM music“, then I would count artists like Sikdope, Ak9 (Guy Arthur), Skytech or Fafaq. They are kind of well known DJs from my country. Also check out Kvmo or Loud About Us – I think they are ones to watch.

Your own production is something specific compared to classic producers. You combine groovy house with influences of hip-hop and dubstep and other styles. Should you describe your own style by yourself?

I think that I can’t say it better than you haha.

How was the Blinders journey to DJ ing and production? Should you tell us more about your beginnings? How hard was to get your level and do you have any more goals in your DJ career?

I did my first productions with my younger brother when I was 16 years old but it was more for fun than something that we could call – professional. After some time I decided to go that way because I really enjoyed spending time in studio. Everything came naturally after some years of practicing. My goal is to try new ways of producing in every track that I’m doing. Staying in the same zone for years is not my thing.

Now back to the nowdays. I heard that you are going to relase some new stuff in few days. Tell us more about it and other question is what are your upcoming plans in this summer season?

In my last tracks I tried to play a little bit with ethnic themes. One of them is still waiting for the release. Check out the teaser on my Facebook of „Okami“ which will be released on  March 23rd on Martin‘s Garix STMPD RCRDS imprint.

Another one is the remix for Korean artists – a producer Raiden and a star singer YURI from a pop girls-band Girl’s Generation. It’s really a vocal track  based on original tempo, so it has some trap/future-bass vibes inside. The remix is coming on Nicky Romero‘s Protocol Recordings on March 30th.

Lets make some funny questions too 🙂 It’s your birthday and you have unlimited budget for the party. Who will play there and what location will you pick?

Probably whole Top 100 Billboard artists and the party would be in space.

Your house is on fire and you can take only 3 things. What will you take?

If noone else would be at home, then I would  pick my laptop, headphones and hard drive – gold stuff for me haha

What is for you the electronic music anthem of all the time? Tell us 3 tracks.

For me they are tracks from beggining of EDM era, so things like: Daft Punk „Around The World“, Chemical Brothers „Block Rockin Beats“ or Fatboy Slim „Rockafeller Skank“

Sakura night at Duplex where will you play on 24th March is party with the asian theme. Do you like asian food or what is your favourite cuisine?

This actually fits to my latest release Okami which means a wolf in Japanese! So you can guess I’m big fan of Asian cultures. My favourites are Vietnamese noodles and Japanese sushi.

If there will be some girl at this night which would like to invite you for a drink what could she get for you? What is your favourite drink?

I like whiskey on ice so probably it’s not the best girls‘drink haha

Ok! Thank you for your answers and see you soon at Duplex Club. You can tell some last words to your Czech fans.

Of course I’m really happy to come back to Czech Republic this year. I heard only nice words about Duplex so I can’t wait to play my new music there. If you’re reading this – hope to see you in the club!