DupleX Presents VINI VICI

Once again our excitement levels are super high! Why? Because we get to  introduce you to another superstar headliner from DJ MAG Top100 DJs who will present their unforgettable psytrance show for the very first time at the packed DupleX, The Rooftop Club in the fifth month of 2023? Ladies & gentleman, please welcome legendary icons of trance music, producers with well-defined signature sound and innovative good vibes duo celebrating their 10 years on the scene – VINI VICI! Save the date – 27th May 2023!

Get your tickets at www.duplex.cz/vinivici/ Book your table now at vip@duplex.cz

VINI VICI maintain their high energy pulse in the studio, repeatedly delivering pounding hits like: “Free Tibet Remix”, which is the all-time most viewed psytrance song with nearly 60,000,000 views on Youtube, and the first song ever to make it into Beatport overall Top10 chart (#2). Following was their already anthem “Great Spirit” – a collaboration with “Armin Van Buuren & Hilight Tribe”, and dancefloor dominator “Chakra” collaborated with W&W, both gaining spectacular success on Youtube, Spotify, Beatport (#3 overall, #2 overall) and positioned as the most played tracks (#1, #2) at Tomorrowland Festival 2017. Beyond all the successes, the most admirable thing about VINI VICI is that no matter how big or far they go, they always maintain their down to earth attitude, positivity and gratitude,

proving one thing for sure: good vibes win.

VINI VICI will perform at DupleX, The Rooftop Club for the very first time on May 27th, 2023. Leading the nightlife scene in Czech Republic with collaborations with the worlds best DJs and performers allows Duplex to set a benchmark for nightlife in Europe and you can only expect more and more in 2023. VINI VICI will be supported by very best of the greatest local DJs on two stages to be released on the Facebook event in upcoming weeks.

We are thrilled that we can continue to continue bringing you the very best nightlife and amazing DupleX experiences and looking forward to see you on the dance floor!