DupleX Presents Lexy & K-Paul 14th February 2020

Dear friends of electronic music. We’ve been telling you for a long time about the headliners of the February’s Valentine special of our regular concept night DupleX Presents, which continues to bring the biggest icons of global electronic music. Now its finally the time to introduce you to another star. Since we’re not only bring you the freshest names but sometimes we went into the hive of history. So, for this episode, we have prepared for you an old-school delicatesy from the time when electro dominated the world and still had its own unmistakable sound. We will not delay it further. Ladies and gentlemen, the pioneers of Technoelecto genre, DJ duo from Germany – Lexy & K-Paul – 14th February, 2020 at DupleX, The Rooftop Venue.

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As it happens, everything bad is good for something else. This is how their accidental acquaintance in a Berlin club occurred, where these two gentlemen had an argument because of one lady. Quite a strange introduction. After some time they met again at Low Spirit records. One word followed another word, the first loop connected with the second a spark was generated and since then they have become an inseparable pair that, under the name of Lexy & K-Paul, has been making clubs go crazy around the world. Their musical journey is also inextricably linked to German club culture and the electronic scene.

Lexy & K-Paul will perform at DupleX, The Rooftop Venue in Prague on 14th February 2020 as part of the Valentine’s edition of DupleX Presents night. It will be an incredible 12 years since their last show in Czech Republic when they played at Roxy Prague on 28th December, 2007. The same year they also performed at DupleX, specifically on 1st March 2007 as part of the MTV night which was a goodbye event of the ex-production manager of DupleX – Jája Ježek. His namesake Štěpán Tokátko Ježek (currently holding the same position at DupleX) once again invited this German duo to remember the legendary golden era of this club on Wenceslas Square. And we will be very pleased if you will come back to the past with us!

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German duo will be supported by adequate Czech support consisting of legendary players. You can look forward to Orbith, who is inextricably connected to the Elektra party where Lexy & K-Paul performed last time in the Czech Republic. He also promised us a very special „elektro set“ for you. Another support will be Chris Sadler, no doubt a legend with his longest club night in the Czech Republic (Climax). The warm-up set will be in the hands of matador Manio. Closing set of the evening will be prepared by the previously mentioned resident DJ and production manager of DupleX – DJ Tokátko.

Lexy & K-Paul achieved their first big success in 1999 with the song „Do you like disco“, which was released the same year on Mayday’s Soundtropolis compilation. Their next hit „The greatest DJ“, was nominated for anthem of Loveparade. A similar situation occurred with the hit „Freak“ in 2000. The Berlin dance scene is particular about its heroes. The song also gets its video and ranks 20th on the German music charts. Another major achievement is the Amadeus Award for Best Music Achievement, which is awarded by their Austrian neighbours.

Their debut album „Loud“ was released on the Low Spirit label in 2001, and both of them started to play around the world more and more while starting to devote more time to producing and perfecting their live performances, which are known for their musical precision and experimentation. They also released several remixes, for example for Placebo, Goldfrapp, Westbama, or Jam & Spoon.

TICKETS NOW AVAILABLE AT www.duplex.cz/tickets/

And you can looking forward to them on 14th February 2020 at DupleX Prague!